Bed & bath linens have come a long way, emerging from accessories to a category that today is an important part of home furnishing. We have expanded our range with contemporary designs, innovative constructions and new fibres, all coming together to create the finest bed and bath collection for you.

New and enhanced products form the core of our customer centricity. Our product basket is continuously upgraded to meet consumer preferences. 

Trident, today, offers a variety of brands of terry towels and bed linen in the domestic market, catering to everyday as well as indulgent use. These home textiles products are sold under various established brands like Trident Home Essentials, Trident Indulgence, Trident Organica, Trident Cuddlies, Trident Bath Buddy and Trident Play.  

We are strengthening our global base, with improvements in production infrastructure, fibre use and processing. Our air-rich, smart twist and zero twist innovations have helped improvise towels. 

We have also expanded our distribution network for easy reach of our products.