TridentGroup has integrated responsibility towards the environment into the standard operating procedure. Corresponding to the same TridentGroup ensures a safe and healthy environment both outside and inside its area of operation. From developing environment friendly products like paper from agri-residue, to practicing waste management and rain water harvesting, Trident Group has been working proactively to safeguard the environment.

Other Initiatives in this direction:

  • Practicing 3Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle) and waste management in industrial plants
  • Energy conservation drives by installing power saving technology on the machines in the industrial plants and procurement of energy efficient machines.
  • Enhance recycle & reuse of treated effluent for purposes of plantation and maintenance activities in various sections of the industrial plants
  • We have implemented rain water harvesting to recharge the aquifers
  • Up gradation of Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)
  • Commissioning of a Water Treatment Plant (WTP) resulting in use of surface water by industrial plants in place of ground water and thereby saving ground water of the area
  • Proper treatment of sewerage water through STP (Sewerage Treatment Plant) and use of treated water for plantation to reduce waste and also reduce water consumption
  • Producing organic yarn, which is totally environmental friendly and having zero pesticide
  • Adoption of cost effective cleaner technologies, waste minimization techniques and appropriate pollution control / abatement technologies
  • Generate wealth from waste in various processes in the industrial plants
  • Accreditation of Manufacturing Facilities of the Company to ISO 140001
  • We have adopted more than 200 villages of Punjab covering about 71000 acres of land and 12500 farmers for enhancing the productivity and quality of cotton.