TridentGroup truly believes that 'people matter' and it is the people who are core to the success of any business.

Investments are made on Workforce and infrastructure to boost and promote an environment of comprehensive growth for individuals as well as the organization.

Asmita (the Woman Empowerment Cell) and Takshashila (Centre for Excellence)are two initiatives closest to our heart as these initiatives have not just transformed life of an individual but society at large.

ASMITA – Women Empowerment Cell

Asmita – Women Empowerment Cell

With nearly two decades of business expertise, Trident is seen as an Organization which is soaring to new heights of achievement and re-challenging its moves in newer dimensions. Trident has always broached up & acted upon the issues significant for the development of Society. Living up to the Trident's true spirit of serving the community, we aspire to create an enabling culture for encouraging the vast talent pool of women in our organization. We believe that the true empowerment will only be reached when women take part actively in the decision making process and take up the leadership positions.

Today, when we are aggressively working towards making Trident a Great Place to Perform, it is essential to aware Women about their Potential & empower them to grow further as a professional & a person.

Considering the vast talent pool of women in our organization & the need for Mentoring & Empowering Women in Trident & the Society, "Asmita" A Women Empowerment Forum was launched on 3rd October 2008.

asmita women cell

The Forum aspires to focus on Enhancement of Earnability, health, hygiene, welfare, education, facilitating basic amenities at work place & above all rewarding & recognizing the best of talent amongst female members.

By means of Asmita, Special emphasis is being laid on Entrepreneurship Development of female employees, providing them with avenues of growth, working on Environmental & Behavioral Issues, management practices for women in the workplace, understanding their contribution towards the success of business and in turn rewarding them and providing a platform for partaking of leadership positions in our organization.

Time & again where our organization is making special efforts in adding value to life of each & every member- ASMITA organized free Medical Check up camps in Sanghera & Dhaula, ensuring great health for members & their families. Asmita fostered the foundation of a Great Health in association with specialist doctors from CMC, Ludhiana. More than 2000 members & their families benefited form the camp. Along side a blood donation camp was also organized which saw a huge response from the members.

Asmita also organizes Large scale interactive processes for all the female members within the organization. This forum enables the organization to gather feedback from all the female members of the organization & addresses to the challenges for women employees of the company.

Promoting the free spirit of communication an online portal for women employees was created by the name of ASMITA XPRESS. A replica of the online portal can also be seen of the notice boards of all the units at plant location which again enables the shop floor female employees to connect to the mission & vision of Asmita – Empowering Women.

  • Around 15% of the members employed with the Company are women from nearby villages.
  • One of Company's spinning units is completely managed by women, providing them with an equal opportunity
  • Separate cabs are provided for women operatives.
  • Hostel Facility for female operatives who commute a couple of hours a day from their villages.

The women members of the manufacturing units at TridentGroup are immensely talented in a variety of handicrafts. In their free time they utilize excess raw material from our yarn and terry towel plants to express their embroidery and crochet skills. They are also experts in making Terry products and in Phulkari- an embroidery technique of Punjab. In order to bring all their efforts under one umbrella and to give them a unique identity, Asmita- the Women Empowerment Forum at TridentGroup, is now bringing all their handcrafted products under the brand name of 'Hastakala'.

Hastakala products are currently being offered on sale to internal members at TridentGroup. Soon they will be made available to the whole world. The profits earned are shared among the women members who are part of this initiative and are also used in further supporting them to take this endeavour forward. This new avenue of earnability has infused a fresh lease of excitement and motivation among the women members.

Hastakala is one among the many platforms at TridentGroup that boosts creativity and enables its members to stand tall on their feet and prove to the world what they have to offer. It is a part of our grand goal to make this organization the best workplace to showcase inspiring performance.