Trident, the leading Sulphuric Acid manufacturer in India, brings you LR/AR Grade Sulphuric Acid manufactured in Borosilicate Glass Facility from De Dietrich Process Systems, Germany - the world’s leading glass plants’ providers.

Due to our corrosion-resistant Borosilicate glass manufacturing plant, we have the unique distinction of having the largest capacity for LR/AR grade Sulphuric Acid in India, thereby bringing you superior quality, more consistency, bigger scale and improved efficiency.

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A story that began in 1985 has reached a fascinating point through many twists and turns of time. Established as Varinder Agro Chemicals Ltd. in the year 1985, we started with an initial production capacity of 100 TPD. Originally set up at Sanghera, we shifted it to Dhaula in 1997 and in that year, we increased its production capacity to 275 TPD.

Thereafter, in 2010, we enhanced our production capacities further with a cutting-edge plant imported from QVF Germany. This helped us add the new Sulphuric Acid LR product line with a production capacity of 33 TPD. Our current production capacity is 310 MT/day. And this is not the end; this story has many chapters in the future. Stay tuned.

Product range

Sulphuric acid, (chemical formula H2SO4) known as oil of vitriol is an oily viscous liquid, corrosive in nature and a basic commodity chemical. Trident specialises in three grades of Sulphuric Acid which differ in composition and hence serve several different applications.

  • Borosilicate Glass Facility by De-Dietrich Process Systems, Germany (renowned world leaders in the field of glass plants).

  • India’s only glass plant technology to manufacture LR grade Sulphuric acid. Largest manufacturing capacity with a set-up of 33 MT/day.

  • Consistent and best in class quality Surpasses traditional manufacturing method of distillation.

Application & Usage

  • Battery & Commercial grades
    • Battery Industries
    • Detergent Manufacturers
    • Pulp and Paper Industry
    • Alum Manufacturer
    • Textile and Dye Manufacturers
    • Steel Industry
    • Power Plants
    • Organic and Inorganic Chemicals
    • ETP
  • LR grade
    • Laboratory Chemicals
    • Drugs and Pharmaceuticals
    • High-End Battery Manufacturers

Production Process

We are one of the largest manufacturers of Sulphur based Sulphuric Acid in North India. Follow the process of Double Conversion Double Absorption (DCDA) for the most efficient use of energy and minimum emissions.

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  • sulphuric acid


    310 MT/ Day

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Certifications& Accreditations

ISO 9001 2015
ISO 45001 2018
ISO 14001 2015


Dhaula Manufacturing Facility

  • Trident Limited, Dhaula complex, Mansa road, Barnala, Punjab - 148101

  • 01679 - 285251 - 57, 60 & 61

  • 01679 - 285262

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