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    Trident has a very transparent work culture. Trident is open and honest about its policies, plans and operations, and our members are also open and honest with one another and with customers.

    What makes Trident stand out amongst other players in the industry is the unlimited opportunities it provides to learn, earn, and grow to all its members irrespective of gender, caste, age, ethnicity.

    Apart from the best in industry salary package Trident offers several other benefits such as flexible work hours, the freedom to work from anywhere, on the job training, regular professional certifications & seminars for members, high potential development programs to name a few.

    If you do not buckle in, do not walk away, ooze good under pressure and never give up until it is done you are the perfect fit for us. We are for these kinds of people. And we believe these people have the power to inspire all of us.

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