The Good Paper is here to break the myth of cutting trees for manufacturing paper. It is designed to eliminate the conventional method of using wood paper pulp not only to offer the paper that is good for you but also for the planet.

Why Use The Good Paper

There are game changing benefits that make The Good Paper a leader in the copier paper segment.

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Good for Farmer

We could never have done it without the support of the farmers. Their support is very important to us. They are the ones who help us make our paper eco-friendly at the source. We empower over 1 lakh farmers every year by buying the agro-waste directly from them.

Good for planet

Our entire range of The Good Paper products is designed with the idea of protecting the greenery of the planet. For the last 30 years, we have tried everything in our power to keep our practices as eco-friendly as possible and will continue to do so to ensure a healthy ecosystem for future generations. Responsibly made in India, the paper saves over 5,000 trees every day. When you choose The Good Paper, you are encouraging us to keep up the good work.

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Good for you

The Good Paper is engineered to make your work look the best. Offering you vivid to jam-free prints, the entire range makes your work at office, home and school easier and impressive. We are one of the nationally preferred suppliers of high-quality copier paper for colourful high-speed printing & publishing. Feel good about choosing the best.


  • Spectra

    Perfect for high-speed & high-volume printing

    Spectra is an all-purpose premium quality paper, perfectly suited for home and office. The paper offers high thickness for double-sided printing and is suitable for switching from one machine to another with great print results. It has high whiteness which produces world-class documents with sharp and clear prints.

  • My Choice

    High-quality paper for daily use

    Engineered for laser printers and high-volume copiers, My Choice Copier paper offers consistent smoothness to ensure high quality and jam-free prints. Bringing forth clear images and legible text on double side printing, this paper is a value for money and perfect to be used in fast-moving corporate world.

  • Royal Touch

    Premium quality with improved thickness

    If you are looking to produce high-impact documents, your search ends here with Royal Touch. Premium in quality, the paper is perfect to be used for important school and corporate requirements. With smooth and unparalleled whiteness, it gives you an edge over other papers when it comes to bright and high-resolution graphics. Offers high opacity, whiteness, and jam-free printing.

  • Digiprint

    Designed for laser & digital printing

    A sheet that is perfect for printing on both the sides and offers top-notch print quality. DigiPrint is designed to run smoothly and effortlessly on all office equipment.

  • Spectrabond

    Perfect for home & office equipment

    Spectrabond is a versatile paper that offers bulk & excellent stiffness with the capability to produce ultra-sharp text free from wrinkles and fluff. The high-quality multipurpose paper is best-suited for everyday copying and coloured printing. Not only does it stand out from other day-to-day papers but also makes your regular job easier.


  • My Choice notebooks

    Get ready to dive into a world of awesomeness with 'My Choice' notebooks! These notebooks are like super-powered sidekicks that make writing an absolute blast. But hold on, there's more! 'My Choice' notebooks are not just any ordinary notebooks. They're like secret agents, fighting against yucky germs with their superpowers. They have a special antibacterial shield that keeps the germs at bay, making sure you have a happy writing adventure. Oh, and guess what? These notebooks are not just cool, they're eco-friendly too! They're made from agri-residue, which means you're not just writing down your thoughts, you're also saving the planet. How amazing is that?


Get ready to dive into a world of awesomeness with 'My Choice' notebooks! These notebooks are like super-powered sidekicks that make writing an absolute blast.




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